Moving this site to gh-pages with SSL for free

This site was hosted in a VPS with 128 MB of RAM, and 10GB of disk space. So far, so good. These specs are sufficient enough for run a hugo server, a nginx reverse proxy. And with Let’s Encrypt all is served with SSL.

Everything is smooth with this configuration, but in a near future (next month) the plan with the VPS is over, and there is not possible to extend the contract because the provider was acquired by a third and the product was outdated.

I really want to keep the site online and I don’t want to pay $5 USD monthly for a VPS in some provider like Digital Ocean, Rackspace or similar, a full year in the last VPS was $12 USD, that was my first motivation to contract the VPS in the first place.

Well, know with github pages with a custom domain, and with the awesomeness of Cloudflare you can place a project like this one. With all the goodness like custom domain and SSL.

Basically you need:

  • A github account (Free)
  • A cloudflare account (Free)
  • A domain (Not free)
  • Some knowledge with DNS or just Google