What I'm Thinking

This site was hosted in a VPS with 128 MB of RAM, and 10GB of disk space. So far, so good. These specs are sufficient enough for run a hugo server, a nginx reverse proxy. And with Let’s Encrypt all is served with SSL. Everything is smooth with this configuration, but in a near future (next month) the plan with the VPS is over, and there is not possible to extend the contract because the provider was acquired by a third and the product was outdated. ... Read More

Windows 10 almost ready
16 February 2017

My home setup for development is a built machine with this specs:

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Why this site?
10 January 2017

This domain is almost in its thirteen anniversary, in the first steps was a blog about my GNU/Linux stuff, and a catalog of some weird recording of the cuban songwriter Silvio Rodríguez. The engine behind was JAWS, made by some folks in México.

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