Windows 10 almost ready

My home setup for development is a built machine with this specs:

When I assembled it Sabayon Linux was my GNU/Linux flavor choice because I really like the Gentoo Linux liberty. After some research I gave it a try to Arch Linux, and my experience has been a pleasure with it.

My software setup is:

So far so good with this setup. Almost all working 100% (suspend to RAM, hibernate, audio through HDMI, WIFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth), except:

  • Only one source of sound can be hear at a time, i.e. Google Music via Google Play Music Desktop Player is playing and I can’t play a video on Youtube via Google Chrome. This is annoying but bearable.
  • Audio in/out via Bluetooth, I can connect my devices with the machine via Bluetooth but I have not been able to get audio in/out of my hands free.

When I read about WSL some months ago, I thought, Windows is opening to the Open Source community I’m going to try this.

The last weekend was time to try Windows 10 and Ubuntu in it via WSL, so here we go with my experience:

  • Installation: 100% easy, you know it’s Windows, click this, click that, wait, reboot.
  • Run bash on Windows: 100% easy, Windows + R, write ‘bash’ enter, then a command prompt with basic setup (username, password)
  • At this point, Windows 10 is a nice UI, but the UX for me is better with Mac OS X and the best with GNU/Linux (fully customizable)

That command prompt is Linux, it’s supports, you know, Linux commands (Doh!), so a $ sudo apt-get update is a must and then install all the nice stuff (vim, zsh, git, golang, nodejs, etc.) My daily development involves nodejs for run local http servers with a flow of automatic reload when files change and stuff like that. So here comes the first big problem. WSL actually does not supports NETLINKS i.e. in my daily use, I can’t start a nodejs server inside bash, because for that Ubuntu on Windows, there is not a network interface. My next step was start a command prompt from PowerShell install there Git, NodeJs, and give it a try. The editor, as you know for this post, I like is vim, there is a port for Windows, but I prefer install a X Server with some app for Windows like Xming and start there vim with GTK GUI, this worked. So, now with my project working in Windows with NodeJs and everything working as expected, let’s go, develop time :) After some time developing, let’s save this work in progress, but you know, I start a Linux program (gvim) and modify files with it, so the Carriage Returns (CR) in Unix is in a way that Windows sees like (^M), and Git in Windows detect that, so All my files where screwed up with changes that I didn’t wanted.

So, my develop time is worthy, Windows maybe I’m going to try you again, when the Beta status of the WSL is in a better work flow for me. But now Arch Linux for my home developments is the best.